All customers of Lonesome Valley Farms Haunted & Non-Haunted events Participate at their own risk. These interactive attractions include tight & narrow spaces, frightening & startling experiences, flashing lights & fog and other potential hazards. There are uneven floors, terrain & trails. The rides may be bumpy. The very young & those with any medical condition or pregnant women are not recommended. Lonesome valley farms nor any of their volunteers or family will be held liable for any injuries or situations that may arise from your visit.

No alcoholic beverages permitted on the premises.
No pets allowed on the premises.
No weapons of any type permitted on the premises.
No smoking permitted inside any of the attractions.
No carry in food permitted.

No refunds!
If you get too scared & have to leave... we did our job. Any person who doesn't follow the rules will be asked to leave.

Tickets may be rendered null and void, and entrance into the attractions can be refused for any person who is noticeably under the influence of any behavioral modifying substance, and/or is behaving violently, harmful or in a manner liable to disrupt public order.

Weapons of any kind are prohibited.

Ticket holder acknowledges that they may at any time be video recorded or photographed. These videos or photographs may be used for promotional or marketing materials for Lonesome Valley Farms and its affiliates.