Presents the 2019 "Bumblebee" Get Lost Corn Maze
Designed by Jeff Johns Jr for an awesome maze experience with lots of Challenges to solve.

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You may be asking, "What is a corn maze?" It is a fun, interactive puzzle cut into a corn field, where the goal is to weave your way through the pathways and endless turns, corners and dead ends to find the solution to the puzzle and ultimately find your way out. The cornstalks, which are the walls in the puzzle, are about 10-12 feet tall, so you cannot see over them.

Throughout the maze there are punches-if you find all the punches AND cross over the bridge-you will have successfully solved the corn maze. Just to make it a little more of a challenge. Bring a FLASHLIGHT and dress for a cornfield!

How it all began.
In 2000, we created the "Get Lost Corn Maze". We cut a giant puzzle into one of our corn fields and opened it to the public. The 2000 corn maze was created in a corn field that was a little under 3 acres. It was designed in the shape of a jack-o-lantern. There were over a mile of twisting, turning and CORNfusing paths in the maze. No need to worry about finding your way out because "King Corn" sat in a 20 foot tower waiting to assist wayward maze guests. Wow, what an awesome adventure! Not only did people come out and get lost, but they left wandering just how they got out. It's a great way to spend a fall evening. Hopefully you will leave with a little better understanding of how agriculture is an important part of ALL of our lives.

  • 2002-usa-maze
  • 2017-wolf-maze
  • 2000-jack-o-lantern-maze
  • 2015-ms-awareness-maze
  • 2014-tractor-maze
  • 2001-horse-maze
  • 2013-crazy-train_maze
  • 2018-spider-maze
2002-usa-maze1 2017-wolf-maze2 2000-jack-o-lantern-maze3 2015-ms-awareness-maze4 2014-tractor-maze5 2001-horse-maze6 2013-crazy-train_maze7 2018-spider-maze8

The 2001 Horse Corn Maze

The 2002 USA Corn Maze

The 2003 corn maze was a witch on a broom, flying thru the moon. (to go with our Halloween theme).

The 2004 corn maze was all steps & angles---all maze!

The 2005 corn maze we made it all circles (crop circles) some of us were dizzy by the time we solved it.

The 2007 corn maze was "The Kecksburg UFO Maze"-depicting the incident from 1965.

The 2008 Corn Maze was "Crazy Eights".

2009 "The City of Champions Corn Maze"
"The City of Champions" Maze. In honor of the city of Pittsburgh's sports milestone. Both the SuperBowl Champions & the Stanley Cup Winners. The design had a football with XLIII below it & crossed hockey sticks with a hockey puck between the sticks.

The 2011 NEVER FORGET 9/11 Corn Maze

The 2012 COWBOY PRAYER Corn Maze

The 2013 Corn Maze was "Crazy Train Maze"

The 2014 Corn Maze was "Tractor Maze"

The 2015 Corn Maze was "Ms Awareness Maze"

The 2016 Corn Maze was "Skeleton Clown Maze"

The 2017 Corn Maze was "Wolf in the Moon Maze"

The 2018 Corn Maze was "Spider Maze"

(Located beside Westmoreland Fairgrounds)

At the end of the season the Maze is gone forever. Harvested for livestock feed.

The Machine that ate the Corn Maze.(below)

Thank you for a great season.


Check our schedule for dates and times, Directions and Map!

REMEMBER : Dress appropriately for weather conditions. You will be in a corn field. if it has rained it will be muddy!!!